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Preparing for Successful Virtual Meetings

by Amy Agnew Irvine

In this course, you will explore selecting the best meeting format given your objective and team situation, select virtual meeting tools to collaborate with global teams, and prepare to lead interactive meetings that are designed with engagement.

What you'll learn

Whether you’ve been working virtually for 20 plus years or led your first virtual meeting in early 2020 with the global pandemic, you’ve no doubt experienced your share of successful and failed meetings. In this course, Preparing for Successful Virtual Meetings, you’ll learn how to plan for a virtual meeting tailored to the who, what and why leading to successful outcomes with engagement and productivity. First, you’ll explore the “why” behind your need to meet, define virtual meetings and understand the key elements of virtual meeting tools. Next, you’ll learn how to build your virtual meeting plan with an understanding of virtual meeting tools and building an outcome-based agenda. Finally, you’ll discover how to drive success with your virtual meetings by building engagement to achieve your meeting outcomes. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of preparing for successful virtual meetings needed to lead an interactive discussion targeted to your required business outcomes.

About the author

Achiever, Strategic, Responsibility, Learner, Woo (Strengths Finder Top 5), and Servant Leader. Amy began her career as an educator 25 years ago as a graduate student at UC Davis. Teaching college communication courses, she discovered a passion for facilitation and instructional design. She turned down the chance to pursue her PhD to study organizational communication where it happens! Her first job as a computer-based training developer led to developing 1st generation eLearning products at Peo... more

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