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Malware Detection and Analysis with Python

by Cristian Pascariu

Malware triage and classification can become time-consuming. This course will teach you automate malware analysis with Python.

What you'll learn

Organizations are faced with a high volume of threats on a daily basis, with defenders having a finite capacity to investigate these threats by performing manual analysis and correlation. In this course, Malware Detection and Analysis with Python, you’ll learn to automate malware triage, detection, and analysis. First, you’ll explore some of the core packages such as yara-python that facilitate triage and classification. Next, you’ll discover how to interact with 3rd-party services to establish the file disposition/reputation. Finally, you’ll learn how to extract artifacts and indicators from files to enable more in- depth analysis. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of python scripting and automation needed to uplift malware detection and analysis workflows and capabilities.

About the author

Cristian took part in auditing and implementation of infosec capabilities to uplift security posture. He managed codification efforts to extract indicators of compromise and created rules in the scope of defending against new emerging threats. He has also developed tools and scripts to overcome security gaps within the corporate network. Cristian has mentored L1 and L2 analysts to increase triage efficiency and combat new threats. He has experience in the field of Application Security and has pr... more

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