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Jun 9, 2017
2h 34m

QlikView bills itself as a guided analytics tool, which helps extract insights from large datasets. It lives up to that billing by striking the right balance between interactivity and robustness. QlikView combines the data-management capabilities of a serious database , with the zippy, responsive UIs that make drilling into data really simple. In this course, Exploring and Analyzing Data with QlikView, you'll cover exactly how data is represented and analyzed by exploring the features of QlikView. First, you'll explore how to setup an in-memory database. Next, you'll learn how to query it using different QV UI features. Finally, you'll discover how to analyze and explore the data for insights. By the end of this course, you'll have the understanding and knowledge of how data is represented in QlikView.

About the author
About the author

An engineer and tinkerer, Vitthal has worked at Google, Credit Suisse, and Flipkart and studied at Stanford and INSEAD. He has worn many hats, each of which has involved writing code and building models. He is passionately devoted to his hobby of laughing at his own jokes.

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