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Styling React Components

by Jake Trent

There are so many options for styling React components. Check out this overview of popular options so you can choose a method that works well for you on your project.

What you'll learn

When writing React components, you have so many great options for styling. Which do you choose? In this course, Styling React Components, you will gain the ability to choose which makes the most sense for you to use on your project. First, you will learn some of the origins for a proliferation of new and progressive options. Next, you will discover how to use several of the most popular methods of styling and implementing a small styling project in each. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of styling React with CSS needed to make your components beautiful in a way that works well for you. Software required: Node.js, an editor, and a web browser.

About the author

He's a creator at heart, making art, music and software. He's been privileged to work with talented teams and contribute to great causes and useful products and hopes to do more of it.

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