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Red Hat Enterprise Linux Shell Scripting Fundamentals

by Nigel Poulton

In this course, we start out with the very basics of what a script is and how to create a simple one, then finish the course by discussing how to use variables, positional parameters, conditionals, loops, and functions. All concepts are explained and demonstrated so even viewers with no knowledge of scripting can learn.

What you'll learn

In this course, the viewer is taken on a journey from knowing little to nothing about shell scripts, all the way up to being able to implement usable scripts on a Linux system. At the very beginning of the course, fundamental concepts such as 'What is a script?' are answered, before moving on to create a very small and very simple script. Throughout the rest of the course, concepts such as variables, positional parameters, conditional statements, looping constructs, functions, and scheduling are explained and demonstrated. By the end of the course, the viewer will be familiar with all of the major concepts of shell scripts and be able to read, write, and troubleshoot simple shell scripts.

About the author

Nigel is a popular figure in the tech industry, best-known for his videos and books on container technologies. He is currently a Docker Captain and spends most of his time working with Docker and Kubernetes. Prior to working with container technologies, Nigel has done everything from changing backup tapes and resetting passwords all the way up to designing and managing large-scale solutions in some of the most demanding corporate environments in the world. Nigel is also passionate about his fami... more

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