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May 12, 2015
1h 50m

In this Unreal Engine tutorial, we'll apply design principles of replayability, structured unpredictability, and rapid iteration in creating a Blueprint system that can populate game levels of any size with randomly-located, interactive player objects (pickups). We'll also exploit the usefulness of arrays and actor classes to organize our system within a placeable actor class that can be quickly and easily modified to suit the needs of many kinds of games. By the end of this Unreal Engine training, you'll understand the value of creating a system that will save you work in building your game, allowing you to more quickly begin a phase of development where you can fine-tune the player experience. Software required: Unreal Engine 4.7.2.

About the author
About the author

Patrick Haslow transitioned from a commercial artist to a game developer, driven by a love of video games and imagination.

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