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Jul 8, 2015
3h 2m
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Throughout this course we will discuss how realistic destruction can be done in a quick and easy way by using Houdini's Make Breakable shelf tool comibned with the Voronoi SOP leading to pre-fractured objects. We will discover a new method to pre-fracture an object based simply on an image whether it be a photograph or image such as a brick or stone wall. We will then create the stone and mortar assets from the original geometry by prepping them to retain texture, break into clusters or bits, and have a layer of fine dust for the final effect that will be encapsulated in a digital asset with a variety of parameters. Software Required: Houdini 14

About the author
About the author

Jeff Wolverton has been working on visual effects for major motion pictures for over 15 years, having created signature effects for Sony Pictures Imageworks, Digital Domain, Rythym & Hues, Framestore, MPC, Disney, and Dreamworks.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Introduction and Project Overview
Hi everybody. My name is Jeff Wolverton. I am a visual effects artist at MPC. I've worked on movies like Iron Man, Green Lantern, Jupiter Ascending, a bunch of Spider-Man movies, all sorts of movies where stuff blows up and gets destroyed. So in this course, here's what you guys are going to get. This is going to be awesome. We're going to learn how to take, and I mean this very seriously, just an image and a simple piece of geometry, like a thin cube and a picture of a brick wall, or a picture of a stone wall, or even a drawing of something, and use all that to turn that into fully pre-fractured and textured stone and mortar setup ready for rigid body destruction simulation. In other words, we're going to take just a picture and simple stand-in geometry, and make the actual bricks and mortar and stuff all in one kind of go. So basically what you're going to learn in this course, the key takeaways are going to be, how to use comps to take the original image and make a cut image, how to use that image then to make a set of cut points, how to create VDBs from those points to mix with the geometry to create broken-up geometry for the stone and for the mortar, and various little tweaks and twerks we're going to need for various, how you would change it for stone versus brick and things like that. And then packaging it all into a digital asset with all the little parameters we would need to use it in various different situations. So by the end of the training, you're going to have a brand-new method for creating destructionable geometry directly from images and just simple base geometry. It's really cool. It's a brand-new method invented. I'm excited about showing it to you. I want to share all these tips and techniques with you, so let's get started with the first lesson.