Scala Language: The Big Picture

by Harit Himanshu

This course will teach you about the Scala language. You will learn about the ecosystem, the language details, and see how to get started with the language in few simple steps.

What you'll learn

In this course you will learn the basic concepts of the Scala language. You will learn how to integrate Java code with Scala and run them together.

Course FAQ

What is Scala?

Scala is a programming language that is used for general purpose language that serves both object oriented programming and functional programming

Who is this Scala language course for?

This course if for anyone that has a small background in programming languages and wants to learn about the Scala language. Although it is a beginner course, some basic understanding of programming is preferred to understand all the concepts within this course.

Is Scala similar to Python?

Yes, Scala is very similar to Python. They both are object-oriented programming languages that have many functional attributes. Although they are similar, the biggest difference is that Scala was built to use the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

About the author

Harit Himanshu is a hands-on software professional with more than a decade of experience in building and shipping products at companies of small to large sizes. He has contributed in various domains such as Advertising, CleanTech, Security, and FinTech. He is passionate about writing clean testable code and prefers being lazy when coding. In his free time, he is found tinkering new technologies, learning new business domains, reading books, cooking, singing and investing his time with his wife o... more

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