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Scaling up Your Digital Body Language

by Aleksandra Majkic

The need for digital communication has risen immensely. This course will teach you how to scale up and polish your digital body language in order to communicate effectively with others.

What you'll learn

Many industries have been shifting their businesses online, so the need for digital communication has risen greatly. In this course, Scaling up Your Digital Body Language, you’ll learn to communicate effectively in a digital environment. First, you’ll explore the concept of digital body language. Next, you’ll discover the best practices to make your messages clear and enable other parties involved to act in the same manner. Finally, you’ll learn how to employ these rules in communication with customers. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of effective digital communication needed to prevent misunderstandings, resolve issues, and use communication tools productively.

About the author

Aleksandra grew up in high-tech by bridging the gap between development teams, markets, customers, and decision-makers. She has comprehensive know-how of team leadership, working with top management and industry-leading international clients. She’s passionate about female leadership, effective communications and personal profiling. Aleksandra holds a TA 101 Certified Professional, a certificate for understanding human behavior, communication, and relationships. She is also an IBM Enterprise De... more

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