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Scraping Dynamic Web Pages with Python 3 and Selenium

by Pratheerth Padman

In this course, you will go all the way from saying hello to Selenium to then combining it with Python and Beautiful Soup to learn all about extracting information from a dynamic webpage.

What you'll learn

They say data is the new oil, and given what you can do with high quality data, you'd be hard-pressed to disagree. There are many ways to collect data, one of which is extracting the oodles of data swimming around in the form of websites. That is exactly what this course, Scraping Dynamic Web Pages with Python 3 and Selenium, aims to teach. First, you are going to look at how to scrape data from dynamic websites. The main tool used is Selenium, and the course starts off by exploring that. Next, you will move onto the specifics of it, starting with opening a webpage using a web driver. Then you will learn to identify and locate dynamic elements in a webpage and handing the page source over to beautiful soup. Finally, to round off the course, you will explore the common challenges you will face and methods to increase scraping efficiency. When you are finished with this course, you will be able to combine Python, Selenium, and Beautiful Soup to extract data from any dynamic webpage.

About the author

Pratheerth is a Data Scientist who has entered the field after an eclectic mix of educational and work experiences. He has a Bachelor's in Engineering in Mechatronics from India, Masters in Engineering Management from Australia and then a couple of years of work experience as a Production Engineer in the Middle East. Then when the A.I bug bit him, he dropped everything to dedicate his life to the field. He is currently working on mentoring, course creation and freelancing as a Data Scientist.

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