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Security Engineering: Asset Evaluation and Execution Plan

by Chris Jackson

This course empowers you with the vital skills needed for asset inventory, management practices, and creating an execution plan.

What you'll learn

Globomantics, a multi-billion-dollar tech innovator, has recently acquired several smaller companies. They have tasked their security team with determining the security posture of these newly acquired assets and the most effective methods to protect them. Your team has been assigned the responsibility of conducting a comprehensive evaluation of Globomantics' assets across their expanding infrastructure. The initial step involves establishing robust asset inventory and management practices.

In this course, Security Engineering: Asset Evaluation and Execution Plan, you will learn techniques to catalog all critical systems, applications, and data repositories, ensuring a thorough understanding of their asset landscape.

Following this, you will conduct thorough asset assessments to uncover potential weaknesses or misconfigurations that may expose Globomantics to cyber threats. This entails analyzing software versions, service configurations, access controls, and more across the identified assets.

Finally, based on your findings, you will create a detailed engineering execution plan outlining the necessary steps to address vulnerabilities and strengthen Globomantics' security posture. This plan will include implementing customized access controls, updating software, reconfiguring services, and establishing continuous monitoring processes.

The security of Globomantics' acquisitions relies on your ability to meticulously evaluate their assets, identify risks, and devise a robust security strategy. When you are finished with this course, you will have the expertise in asset management, assessment, and execution planning to safeguard their newly acquired entities and establishing a resilient security architecture for their expanding enterprise.

About the author

Chris Jackson is a cybersecurity professional with years of experience in identifying security incidents, securing applications and security training. Over the years, he has tested web applications for vulnerabilities, helped deploy SIEM platforms and more. He is passionate about teaching cybersecurity and committed to learning new technologies.

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