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Securing Data on AWS

by Mark Wilkins

This course will teach you how to encrypt your data at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Concepts include encryption and decryption, use of the Key Management Service (KMS), CloudHSM, and using Amazon Macie to manage and protect S3 storage.

What you'll learn

Perhaps your company is moving to the Amazon cloud and you are concerned with safely protecting your company's data. Perhaps your company needs to follow a strict level of compliance when operating in the cloud. Maybe you have a lot of data stored in the cloud, and find that you don't have time to manage it properly.

In this course, Securing Data on AWS, you will gain the ability to encrypt your data using any of the data services provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

First, you will learn the difference between the Key Management Service (KMS) and CloudHSM.

Next, you will discover how to create customer-managed keys and perform administration on your encryption keys for both administrators and end users.

Then, you will see how to install CloudHSM, and understand the integration between KMS and CloudHSM.

Finally, you will understand how Amazon Macie can help you manage and protect your data records stored in S3 buckets.

When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and understanding of services that help you perform encryption and management of your stored data in the AWS cloud.

About the author

Mark is a former electronic design technologist turned Microsoft and IBM SoftLayer cloud geek spending many years designing deploying and supporting software and hardware technology in the corporate and small business world. As course director for Global Knowledge (GK), Mark developed and taught many technical seminars including Configuring Active Directory Services, Configuring Group Policy, and Cloud and Virtualization Essentials. Mark also developed courseware for the Microsoft Official Cur... more

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