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Securing SSAS Models

by Stacia Misner Varga

This course explains the role-based security architecture of multidimensional and tabular models in SQL Server Analysis Services. You learn how to configure user or administrative access and granular security for conditional restrictive access.

What you'll learn

After you put a SQL Server Analysis Services multidimensional or tabular model into production, you need to manage what users can see and what users can do when interacting with the model. In this course, Securing SSAS Models, you will learn the options you have for implementing security. First, you will discover how default security works prior to explicitly configuring security, and then you will learn which tools you have at your disposal for managing security during development and following deployment to production. You will then explore the various security roles and test the effect of implementing each role type. Next, you will learn how to restrict roles from viewing sections of a model by using the security user interface. In addition, you will see firsthand what can happen when a user is assigned to multiple roles. Finally, you will walk through the process of implementing dynamic security to manage restrictions by using a table-driven approach. When you are finished with this course, you will have the needed skills and knowledge of Analysis Services security to properly set up security for your own models.

About the author

Stacia Misner Varga is an instructor, author, and principal consultant of Data Inspirations. Her career spans more than 30 years, with a focus on improving business practices through technology. Since 2000, she has provided consulting and education services for Microsoft’s data platform and authored or co-authored many books covering this topic. In addition, Stacia has been a frequent speaker over the years at technology conferences worldwide.

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