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Security Event Triage: Detecting Malicious Traffic with Signature and Session Analysis

by Guillaume Ross

Cyber attacks can take different forms and be performed by threat groups with different goals and methods. In this course, you will learn how signature and session analysis can be used to detect those attacks with network data.

What you'll learn

Cyber attacks evolve constantly, and detecting them requires the use of different techniques, some of which are more useful for specific scenarios than others. In this course, Security Event Triage: Detecting Malicious Traffic With Signature and Session Analysis, you will gain the ability to detect those attacks by leveraging signature and session analysis. First, you will learn how to detect attacks with common, detectable characteristics using signature analysis with tools like Snort. Next, you will discover how session analysis, with tools like Zeek and Kibana, can allow you to detect attacks by spotting suspicious behavior, in a way that is much harder to evade than simple signatures. Finally, you will explore how to detect suspicious patterns even in encrypted traffic, without the need to decrypt it. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of signature and session analysis needed to detect attacks using network data.

This course is part of our Security Event Triage series which leverages MITRE ATT&CK to identify advance persistent threat tactics at all levels of the cyber kill chain.

About the author

Guillaume Ross is an experienced information security professional, providing services to many organizations as the lead consultant and founder of Caffeine Security Inc. Having worked in multiple verticals, from Fortune 50 to startups, his specialty is providing the right security program and architecture for each specific environment and company, and leading blue teams.

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