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SOLIDWORKS Drawings - Setting Up Properties and Templates

by Tony Riggs

If you have wondered about setting up SOLIDWORKS part, assembly, or drawing templates so you can standardize how they look and behave, then this course is for you. Custom properties and option settings will be instrumental in accomplishing this task.

What you'll learn

There are so many tools inside SOLIDWORKS to automate operations and standardize procedures. The problem is that some people don't utilize them very much. In this course, SOLIDWORKS Drawings - Setting Up Properties and Templates, you'll learn how to set up these tools and templates to your advantage. You will look at creating properties and using them for things like BOM templates and title blocks. You'll also learn how to set up templates for files, BOMs, and other items so that they are consistent and accurate for your drawings. Finally, you'll learn how to pull your custom properties into these templates. By the end of this course, you'll be able to use the tools of SOLIDWORKS to help you design your products with more ease and efficiency.

About the author

As an Elite Applications Engineer at GoEngineer, Tony Riggs specializes in SOLIDWORKS and rapid prototyping. He is a Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert as well as a Certified SOLIDWORKS Instructor. His duties include training, technical support and product demonstrations of SOLIDWORKS and several other products that we carry. Prior to this position he worked as a Mechanical Engineer at FlightSafety International where he helped with the design of flight simulators. He has been using SOLIDWORKS for over... more

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