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Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Motion

by Matt Perez

This course will cover all of the basics in creating "Basic Motion" and "Motion Analysis" studies in SOLIDWORKS. Software Required: SOLIDWORKS.

What you'll learn

Conducting detailed motion analysis and evaluating the mechanical performance of your design using CAD-embedded SOLIDWORKS Simulation, SOLIDWORKS Motion, and finite element analysis (FEA) is a great way to further your SOLIDWORKS knowledge. This course, Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Motion, covers all of the basics in creating "Basic Motion" and "Motion Analysis" Studies in SOLIDWORKS. First, you'll mainly focus on understanding the differences between Assembly Motion and a Motion Study. Next, you'll explore the common Motion Analysis use cases. Once the basics are covered, you will create a Motion Analysis during your animation to get detailed contact reaction forces and analyze the stress/strain/FOS of your components. After completing this course, users will be comfortable with setting up Motion Studies and analyzing their results. Software Required: SOLIDWORKS.

About the author

Matt has over 15 years experience in Design and Fabrication across various platforms. Most recently SolidWorks and Fusion 360, but also AutoCad, Inventor, and Unigraphics as well as several CAM platforms such as Mastercam, Solidcam, and HSM works. Matt is a CSWE and well know for Complex Surfacing and Consumer Product Design. Matt has produced hundreds of hours of video content across multiple platforms and trained users individually and in group settings for the past 5 years in every aspect of ... more

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