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Spring Framework: Spring Data MongoDB 2

by Dan Geabunea

Learn how to tackle all aspects of data persistence using Spring Framework and MongoDB, and how to use this knowledge in any enterprise project.

What you'll learn

Using MongoDB in enterprise applications can be a little bit scary for most developers. Programmers have worked with relational models so much that they don’t imagine a better way to tackle persistence. In this course, Spring Framework: Spring Data MongoDB, you will learn how to implement all aspects of Mongo data persistence using Spring. First, you will learn how to connect to a Mongo database and perform CRUD operations. Next, you will discover how to make your DAL cleaner, by using repositories. After that, you will find out how to create relationships between documents. Finally, you will explore how to properly handle data migrations and create Mongo integration tests. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge needed to efficiently use Mongo DB in enterprise Spring applications.

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About the author

I'm a passionate software developer and mentor with a decade of experience building mission-critical software applications in banking, air traffic management, maritime safety, and identity management. Nothing satisfies me more than providing value to customers while building robust software solutions that are easy to maintain and evolve. I love sharing my skills and experience with others. I started to publish coding tutorials on YouTube in 2015, and became a Pluralsight author in 2018.

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