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Spring Integration 5: Message System Design Patterns

by Steven Haines

Learn how to integrate complex systems using Spring Integration by building a firm foundation in message design patterns and understanding how to implement the different types of messages and channels available in Spring Integration.

What you'll learn

Effectively integrating complex systems is a difficult task, but fortunately Spring Integration implements design patterns and best practices to help you do so. In this course, Spring Integration: Message System Design Patterns, you will learn foundational knowledge to select the best messaging design patterns and choose the most appropriate channel strategies for your business cases. First, you will learn about the message construction design patterns and when to use them. Next, you will discover the various messaging channels that Spring Integration provides and how to implement them in your applications. Finally, you will explore how to handle errors, both for simple synchronous messaging use cases as well as more complex asynchronous messaging use cases. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to adopt the best messaging design patterns and channels for all of your business needs.

About the author

Steven Haines has worked as a software architect for the last twenty years, most recently as a principal software architect at Turbonomic, focused on their cloud offering. He spent seven years in various architect roles at Disney, beginning as a technical architect on Disney's MyMagic+ program and finishing his tenure as a lead solution architect and principal application architect, overseeing large projects ranging from rolling out Disney Shanghai, replacing the online ticket sales website for ... more

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