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Swift in Depth

by Allen Holub

An in-depth look at Apple's Swift (2.0) language for programmers already familiar with an OO language. No knowledge of any other Apple technology is required.

What you'll learn

This course introduces Apple's Swift programming language in considerable technical depth, focusing on those parts of the language that you will find new or unfamiliar. Swift is Apple's preferred programming language, and is a vastly better alternative to Objective-C. Learning it is an essential first step to working effectively on the Apple platform. This course is geared to working programmers---prior experience with an OO language is required. You don't need to know anything about the Apple ecosystem, however: this is a language course, not an iOS or OSX programming course. This course covers the most recent version of Swift (2.0).

Table of contents

Struct, Class, Tuples, and Enum

About the author

Allen is an internationally recognized trainer, agile-process consultant, speaker, and author. He specializes in Lean/Agile infusion and tuning, software architecture, and web-application programming using open-source toolsets. Allen's worn every hat from grunt programmer to CTO. He's built compilers, operating systems, massively scalable web applications, and mobile apps. He's written a dozen books and hundreds of magazine articles on practical programming topics, and currently blogs f... more

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