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Tableau Desktop Specialist - Organizing Data and Applying Filters

by Pooja Crahen

Tableau is an industry leading data visualization tool. This course will teach you how you can organize your data so you can use it in more meaningful ways.

What you'll learn

Raw data can sometimes be messy and inconsistent. In this course, Organizing Data and Applying Filter, you’ll learn to organize data in a way that is more usable. First, you’ll explore how you can add filters to the view so you only see the relevant data. Next, you’ll discover how order of operations can impact results. Finally, you’ll learn how to create groups, hierarchies and sets and how they can be used in your views. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of organizing data needed to consistently use them in your views and calculations.

About the author

Pooja joined Pluralsight in 2018 as a Lead Analytics Engineer. She is a recognized 2x Tableau Zen Master and an accomplished analytics and visualizations practitioner. As an expert in her field, Pooja has spoken about her passion for data at various different conferences globally. Together with Adam Crahen of Pluralsight, she co-founded where they feature a large gallery of data visualizations on a variety of different topics. The work by The Data Duo has made an appearance on UNI... more

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