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Tactical Design Patterns in .NET: Control Flow

by Zoran Horvat

Improve your skills in writing simpler and safer code by applying coding practices and design patterns that are affecting control flow.

What you'll learn

Do you have to think about null references in every line of code? Do you have to think about boundary conditions in every loop? Do you have to stop and think at every branching instruction? The way we code is a matter of choice. This course demonstrates choices which help reduce code complexity and make code easier to write and easier to understand.

Table of contents

About the author

Zoran Horvat is Principal consultant at Coding Helmet Consultancy, speaker and author of 100+ articles, and independent trainer on .NET technology stack. He can often be found speaking at conferences and user groups, promoting object-oriented development style and clean coding practices and techniques that improve longevity of complex business applications.

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