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Tactical Design Patterns in .NET: Creating Objects

by Zoran Horvat

This course sheds light on issues that arise when implementing creational design patterns and then provides practical solutions that will make our code easier to write and more stable when running.

What you'll learn

Many of the symptoms of deep design problems manifest when creating objects and object graphs. In this course, Tactical Design Patterns in .NET: Creating Objects, you'll see what it takes to create code that's easier and more stable. You'll start with a small console application which demonstrates basic Abstract Factory implementation. Next, you'll built a different console application which demonstrates basic implementation of the Builder pattern and exposes issues with it. Finally, you'll see the console application get much more complex while remaining completely stable and safe on the consuming end. When you're finished with this course, you'll be have a firm understanding of how to best create stable objects easily in .NET.

Table of contents

Course Overview

About the author

Zoran Horvat is Principal consultant at Coding Helmet Consultancy, speaker and author of 100+ articles, and independent trainer on .NET technology stack. He can often be found speaking at conferences and user groups, promoting object-oriented development style and clean coding practices and techniques that improve longevity of complex business applications.

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