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Infrastructure as Code: Don't Forget How to Build Your Canoe

by THAT Conference

THAT Conference 2019 | Infrastructure as Code: Don’t Forget How to Build Your Canoe | David Hauck

What you'll learn

Whether a platform is a monolith or microservices, servers or serverless, SQL or NoSQL, it runs on infrastructure. If the worst happens and your servers get deleted, you lose access to them. If they go down for a few days, wouldn't it be nice to instantly spin up an entirely new stack with the click of a button? In this talk, David Hauck goes through the process of creating infrastructure as code using AWS Cloud Formation. This session will cover how you can create an entire application, including the database, API, and UI. using only code. It will also cover best practices on using infrastructure as code. By the end of the session, you should be able to create your own infrastructure as code to deploy full services with ease.

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Infrastructure as Code: Don't Forget How to Build Your Canoe

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