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Networking Your Way to Your Next Role

by THAT Conference

THAT Conference 2019 | Networking Your Way to Your Next Role | Rhia Dixon

What you'll learn

A hardworking, eager, amazing candidate can submit 1,000+ resumes with the right buzzwords, beautiful projects, a solid education, and still not make it to the phone interview. Rhia Dixon will walk you through how she used an unexpected networking opportunity during her coding boot camp to land her first tech role before she was even looking for a job. She will also share what she has learned about networking - what it is and isn’t, when and where to network, and how to do it effectively. Learn networking tactics to get you on the radar and in the door.

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Networking Your Way to Your Next Role

About the author

THAT Conference is the “Summer Camp for Geeks” that combines technology, networking, social events, and exposure in an inspirational, family-friendly environment. Over four days, folks of diverse backgrounds and expertise levels gather to take advantage of multiple learning mediums to maximize one’s community and career advancements. Engage with true practitioners, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs while enjoying the perks of summer camp at a giant waterpark.

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