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TypeScript 4 In-Depth

by Brice Wilson

This course will teach you all of the major language features in TypeScript 4+. You will also learn how to apply different TypeScript compiler options and configure projects of any size to meet your specific development goals.

What you'll learn

TypeScript helps you create web applications that are easier to maintain and contain fewer bugs than traditional JavaScript applications. In this course, TypeScript 4 In-depth, you'll learn all of the major features of the language and develop the skills to begin working on your first TypeScript project. First, you'll explore the basic features of the language including type annotations, functions, interfaces, and classes. Next, you'll discover more advanced features such as generics and modules. Finally, you'll learn how to use the TypeScript compiler and configure TypeScript projects using a tsconfig.json configuration file. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge of TypeScript needed to build client and server-side web applications faster and with fewer errors.

Table of contents

Course Overview

About the author

Brice Wilson has been a professional developer for over 30 years and has used many tools and programming languages during that time. He has worked as a developer and architect for a number of large companies and enjoys learning, experimenting with, and teaching new technologies. His current interests are centered on server and client-side web development.

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