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Using TypeScript 4 Modules

by Dan Wellman

Build a solid foundation of fundamental TypeScript knowledge by learning in full how TypeScript's module system works. Excel at importing and exporting code, master ambient modules, and get to grips with TypeScript's module resolution process.

What you'll learn

Are you a front-end professional who needs to fully understand and utilize TypeScript's module system to write reusable, "Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY)" code? In this course, Using TypeScript Modules, you will gain foundational knowledge of TypeScript's module system, including how to get started by creating a brand new TypeScript project and compiling TypeScript into JavaScript. First, you will explore all of the different ways that code can be imported into, or exported from, a TypeScript module. Next, you will discover what ambient modules are and what they should be used for, as well as how to use third-party ambient modules that other developers have already created. Finally, you will learn how TypeScript resolves modules when the compiler encounters import statements in your code, and see how to output diagnostic information about the resolution process. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of TypeScript modules needed to build modular and maintainable TypeScript applications.

About the author

Dan Wellman is a web developer, author, and course instructor from the UK. He has been a developer for just over ten years, and has been writing and making videos about his experiences for almost as long. He has written nine books about JavaScript libraries, and produced around 50 video courses on front-end development. He is currently Head of UI at DST Systems, and lives on the South Coast of the UK with his wife and four children.

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