Configuring, Compiling, and Debugging TypeScript Projects

by Daniel Stern

TypeScript projects can be complex and challenging to maintain. Learn proper configuration, efficient compilation, and a variety of time-saving debugging techniques in this great course packed with advanced concepts.

What you'll learn

TypeScript is a powerful language, but configuring and compiling it is much more challenging than with plain JavaScript.

In this course, Configuring, Compiling, and Debugging Typescript Projects, you’ll gain the ability to efficiently and effectively set up and debug TypeScript projects, saving time for your team and money for your employer.

First, you’ll learn how to compile TypeScript and how to interpret the input and output. Next you’ll explore where and how to configure the TypeScript compiler for maximum productivity. Finally, you’ll discover how to debug and lint TypeScript projects, ensuring that the development process will be smooth from beginning to end.

When you're finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of TypeScript needed to set up TypeScript for compilation of multi-developer projects, or to integrate in these projects.

Software required: TypeScript, Node.js, VSCode

Table of contents

Course Overview

About the author

Daniel Stern is a freelance web developer from Toronto, Ontario who specializes in Angular, ES6, TypeScript and React. His work has been featured in CSS Weekly, JavaScript Weekly and at Full Stack Conf in England.

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