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Blueprint and C++ Integration in Unreal Engine 4

by Rob Brooks

This course will give you the confidence and drive to improve your workflow by integrating C++ and Blueprints together in UE4, an incredibly versatile game engine becoming ever more popular. Software required: Unreal Engine 4.15, Visual Studio 17.

What you'll learn

You've probably seen a forum or comment somewhere online asking, should I use Blueprints or C++ in Unreal. Or even worse, why x is better than y in UE4. In this course, Blueprint and C++ Integration in Unreal Engine 4, you'll be able to broaden your skillset within UE4 by learning how the synergy between C++ and Blueprints will help improve your workflow, productivity, and adaptability to working with others on projects inside of Unreal. First, you'll start off by taking a look at a project using both C++ and Blueprints and finding where each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Next, you'll move on to create a project based on very simple C++ classes to demonstrate how easy it can be to implement variables and functions in C++. This will include creating your own C++ class similar to the Paper2D character provided by Epic, giving you the skills and knowledge to create and alter your own classes in the future. Finally, you'll learn how to implement logic into the Blueprint classes using the C++ templates to create a simple Pong game. By the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding of blueprint and C++ integration in Unreal Engine 4. Software required: Unreal Engine 4.15, Visual Studios 17. Note: This course is designed specifically for Unreal Engine 4.15. If used with a newer version of Unreal 4 your experience may require additional steps

About the author

Rob is interested in most aspects of the design pipeline, although his main skill is programming. He is familiar with UE4 and the Unity game engines, as well as a little bit of GameMaker. When he is not developing, he enjoys climbing and archery.

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