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Using Docker on AWS with the Command Line

by David Clinton

Get yourself up to speed running your Docker workloads on AWS. Learn the CLI tools you'll need to manage containers using ECS - including Amazon's managed container launch type, Fargate - and Kubernetes (EKS) and the ECR image repo service.

What you'll learn

Looking to deploy high-performing and resource-efficient applications to a reliable and predictable environment? You'll have a hard time doing better than running Docker container clusters on Amazon AWS. In "Using Docker on AWS," you'll quickly go over the Docker basics. You'll then use some powerful command line interface tools (AWS CLI, docker, ecs-cli, eksctl, and kubectl) to effectively manage clusters and application workloads on Amazon's Elastic Container Service (both EC2 and Fargate launch types), the EKS Kubernetes orchestrator, and container images through both Docker Hub and the Elastic Container Registry (ECR). Using Docker on AWS will introduce you to both the theory and practice of using the world’s most popular container technology on the world’s most popular cloud platform.

About the author

David Clinton is an AWS Solutions Architect and a Linux server administrator. He's written books on cloud and Linux administration, IT security, and data analytics.

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