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A Practical Guide to Vanilla Web Components

by Leon Revill

Web Components are set to change how you build front-end web applications. This course teaches you how to use the Web Components specifications to create encapsulated and reusable UI components which can be used with almost any framework or library.

What you'll learn

Web Components represent a new way to develop reusable UI components that solve fundamental problems web developers face every day. In this course, A Practical Guide to Vanilla Web Components, you'll learn all about the Web Component specifications. First, you'll get an overview of the fundamentals of web components. Next, you'll explore the basic anatomy of a web component. Finally, you'll be shown how to use what you've learned so far by building two high quality vanilla Web Components. By the end of the course, you'll be able to write top quality encapsulated UI components which can be used in almost any front-end technology stack.

Table of contents

Course Overview

About the author

Leon Revill is a web architect, blogger and author. He specialises in front-end technologies mostly around JavaScript and spends his time investigating new technologies and figuring out how best to adopt them. He works hard to build awesome things for the web platform mostly with web components.

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