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Vue 3 End-to-end Testing with Cypress

by Marko Vajs

This course will teach you how to use Cypress to test Vue applications. You will learn how to get started with Cypress, write end-to-end and component tests, and take advantage of features to create a reliable and maintainable testing solution.

What you'll learn

Learn how to take advantage of Cypress to boost your testing efforts and increase confidence in your application's quality. In this course, Vue 3 End-to-end Testing with Cypress, you'll learn how to use Cypress to test your Vue applications. First, you'll learn what Cypress is and write your first test, where you'll interact with web elements and write assertions. Then, you'll explore the core concepts of Cypress and use different features that will help you automate complex testing scenarios. Next, you'll see how to expose an instance of the Vue application to Cypress, access its state and methods in your tests, and test Vue components. Finally, you'll create a pipeline on a Continuous Integration Server to run Cypress tests. By the end of this course, you'll be ready to get started using Cypress in your Vue project.

About the author

Marko Vajs is a software engineer passionate about technology and project organization. He is a quality evangelist specializing in Test Automation but does not neglect the importance of early software development lifecycle involvement. Marko had the opportunity to define and implement different quality initiatives and establish delivery procedures in early development stages across multiple projects. He has been acting in various technical roles where he acquired DevOps, programming, and testing... more

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