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What's New in Apache Kafka 3.0

by Bogdan Sucaciu

This course will teach you how to take advantage of the Apache Kafka 3.0 features.

What you'll learn

Apache Kafka is one of the most popular streaming platforms today. In this course, What's New in Apache Kafka 3.0, you’ll learn to use the new features developed as a part of the 3.0 release. First, you’ll explore the release cycle of Apache Kafka. Next, you’ll discover the newly released Kafka Improvement Proposals. Finally, you’ll learn how the RAFT protocol has been applied in order to deploy a Kafka cluster without Zookeeper. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Apache Kafka needed to experience the new features.

About the author

Software Engineer by day, Pluralsight author by night, Bogdan likes to experiment with cutting-edge technologies and teach about them. His favorite talking subjects are streaming data, event-driven architectures, distributed systems, and cloud technologies. He has several years of experience “cooking” software with JVM based languages, some flavors of web technologies, and garnishing with automated testing. He holds a BS in Robotics where he spent countless hours programming microcontrollers an... more

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