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Windows 10 Configuring: Plan and Implement Microsoft Intune

by Mark Wilkins

This course covers the use of Intune, now bundled with Windows 10 Enterprise, to manage remote users through the cloud.

What you'll learn

Did you ever catch yourself thinking "Intune - I don't think that's part of Windows?" Well now, it is! This course, Windows 10 Configuring: Plan and Implement Microsoft Intune, will cover Intune's new client, bundled with Windows 10 Enterprise. First, you will discover the benefits and features of Microsoft Intune. Next, you will dive into Intune's architecture, integration and administration. Finally, you will learn how to manage devices and computers using Intune. By the end of this course, you'll learn how to oversee remote users that never have a physical presence in the office.

About the author

Mark is a former electronic design technologist turned Microsoft and IBM SoftLayer cloud geek spending many years designing deploying and supporting software and hardware technology in the corporate and small business world. As course director for Global Knowledge (GK), Mark developed and taught many technical seminars including Configuring Active Directory Services, Configuring Group Policy, and Cloud and Virtualization Essentials. Mark also developed courseware for the Microsoft Official Cur... more

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