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Microsoft Azure Storage In-depth

by Alan Smith

This course provides deep and detailed coverage of the Windows Azure storage services. Advances topics will be covered using real-world scenarios.

What you'll learn

This course will provide a deep and thorough understanding of the Windows Azure storage services. After covering the basics the content will cover the more advanced topics, and round off with real-world scenarios of how the storage services can be used in distributed applications. The first modules will cover the use of storage accounts and the storage client library. The next three modules will cover the Windows Azure Storage Services, blobs, tables and queues. The final three modules will cover performance and scalability, using shared access signatures and transient fault handling.

Table of contents

About the author

Alan Smith is a Windows Azure developer, trainer, mentor and evangelist at Active Solution in Stockholm. He has a strong hands-on philosophy and focusses on embracing the power and flexibility of cloud computing to deliver engaging and exciting demos. Alan has held the MVP title for 10 years, and is currently MVP of the year for Windows Azure. He is in the organization team for the CloudBurst conference and the Global Windows Azure bootcamp.

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