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Windows Server 2012 R2: Configure Network Services

by Greg Shields

This course is the third in a Learning Path of seven courses that cover Microsoft's 70-411 R2 exam. It explores how to configure DNS zones, configure DNS records, configure VPN and routing, and configure Direct Access.

What you'll learn

This course updates Pluralsight's 70-411 Learning Path to include content relevant to Windows Server 2012 R2. In this course, you'll learn how to configure primary and secondary zones, zone transfer settings, notify settings, zone delegation, conditional forwarders, zone and conditional forward storage in Active Directory, stub zones, and create and configure DNS Resource Records, including A, AAAA, PTR, SOA, NS, SRV, CNAME, and MX records. You'll also learn to configure round robin, secure dynamic updates, zone scavenging, install and configure the Remote Access role, configure VPN settings, remote dial-in settings for users, routing, implement Network Address Translation (NAT) and configure Web Application proxy in passthrough mode. Finally you will learn to implement server requirements, configure DNS for Direct Access, configure record options, including Time To Live and weight, and configure certificates for Direct Access, as well as implement client configuration.

Table of contents


About the author

Greg Shields is Sr. Director of IT Ops Skills at Pluralsight and formerly Principal Author Evangelist. Reach him on Twitter @ConcentratdGreg.

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