Azure Virtual Desktop: Manage Access and Security

by Greg Shields

Explore the mission-critical topics of access control and AVD environment security in this course.

What you'll learn

With the foundations of your AVD implementation now complete, take a short sidebar journey through the access control and security topics that are relevant to Azure resources. Once in production, providing the correct access and permissions to users and other administrators, as well as ensuring total environment security will be major components of your everyday maintenance.

In this fourth course out of six, Azure Virtual Desktop: Manage Access and Security, you'll begin with a quick look at access control and the Azure role-based access control mechanisms for distributing privileges to users and administrators. Next, you'll explore how these controls work in combination with additional permissions that must be applied in your synchronized Active Directory domain. Finally, you'll switch gears to talk about the general security best practices for Azure resources, including your AVD components. By the end of this course, you'll be equipped to know how best to ensure environment security to your production AVD deployment.

About the author

Greg Shields is Sr. Director of IT Ops Skills at Pluralsight and formerly Principal Author Evangelist. Reach him on Twitter @ConcentratdGreg.

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