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Zend Expressive Essentials

by Matthew Setter

Learn the essentials you need to start creating applications in Zend Expressive, including routing, dependency injection, templating, error handling and middleware.

What you'll learn

The Zend Expressive framework is one of the leading micro-frameworks for PHP and is one that every PHP developer should understand. In this course, Zend Expressive Essentials, you'll learn the absolute essentials to get started creating applications with Zend Expressive. First, you'll explore Zend Expressive’s central concepts of routing and dependency injection. Next, you'll learn all about templating, error handling and, most importantly, middleware. Finally, you'll discover how to build applications both with and without any command-line tooling support. By the end of this course, you'll be able to begin building applications with the Zend Expressive Framework.

About the author

Matthew Setter is a freelance software developer, with over 10 years development experience, across three countries, and a range of industries. He specializes in a range of technologies, primarily: PHP, Zend Framework, and JavaScript. He's also a freelance technical writer, regularly creating technical blog posts, deep-dive reports, and video tutorials to help other developers learn and hone their craft. In addition to these two specialties, he is also the founder and editor of Master Zend Frame... more

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