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Building skills and software solutions that save lives

The Challenge

Championing innovation in the Nordic eHealth market 

CSAM creates innovative, niche solutions in connected healthcare, medical imaging, women and children’s health, emergency and acute care, medication management and laboratory information management systems. 

Outstanding human skills are integral to CSAM’s success, but in-person training is costly and often too generalized. The company needed a way to identify skills gaps, build new skills efficiently and onboard remote groups of developers faster, all while aligning development needs with existing talent and identifying key skills gaps within new groups of developers. 

Better onboarding in a remote work world

“Pluralsight Skills makes it easier to coordinate and execute onboarding for everyone, especially our remote workers.”

Ilan Eini, Director of Development

Who they are

CSAM provides apps and software solutions to hospitals, clinics and patients within the healthcare industry. CSAM, while headquartered in Oslo, Norway, employs developers in 15 offices across seven countries, including a software engineering subsidiary in the Philippines.

CSAM by the numbers
230 employees

230 employees

15 global offices

Global offices

oslo norway


7 countries

Serving customers across
7 countries 

The Solution

Aligning new skills with business needs

With Pluralsight Skills, CSAM is able to benchmark the skills of its team members and provide curated learning channels they can access 24/7. Their learners love being able to skill up on their own time and earn certifications that demonstrate their value, while managers praise the ease of use in establishing curated learning channels. Even CSAM’s longest-term employees are successfully keeping their skills relevant and sharp. 

Thanks to Skill IQ, teams have been able to build skills in alignment with CSAM’s business goals. And identifying overlapping skills during talent acquisition has minimized the company’s tech stack bloat. 

Technologists at CSAM now have clearly-defined career paths, goals and advancement opportunities—and more timely promotions. This clearer trajectory will inevitably improve employee engagement and retention. 

Maximizing Impact

“We have enough products in our portfolio. Pluralsight helps us make the most of our technology stack while innovating quickly by upskilling our teams to support CSAM's vision.”

Ilan Eini, Director of Development

The key benefits of Pluralsight Skills for CSAM

Arrow pointing upward

200% Increase

Onboarding speed

Piggy bank

50% Savings

Compared to in-person training


24/7 Learning

With curated channels that align content with company objectives


Increased Visibility

With immedate insights into skills gaps and strengths

The results

Consistently delivering customer value

CSAM continues to dedicate itself to ensuring that projects are of the highest quality and delivered on time. Customer satisfaction remains their most important indicator of success. CSAM is also taking advantage of Skill IQ post-projects to discover how team members’ skills have advanced and to qualify teams for new projects in 2022.

No going back

“Without Pluralsight, we’d have to go back to general code camps, various online help resources and books, making it much harder to acquire knowledge relevant to our needs.”

Ilan Eini, Director of Development


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