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Porsche VIP Experience


Don't follow the pace.Set it.

 Pluralsight is the enterprise technology learning platform that helps organizations move forward with the right technology and the right skills. 

Join us on March 22nd at the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles for this exclusive, VIP event and engage with local peers and Pluralsight executives to learn how CIOs and CTOs are now enabled with the capability to close skills gaps, eliminate latency between demand and delivery, and proactively respond to trends in technology as they unfold. 

After diving into this new standard for measuring and building tech skills, you'll gear up for a 90-minute driving experience with the latest Porsche models and test how well you adapt to challenges thrown your way on the track! 


Meet with Pluralsight pros.

Leaders who inspire real change don't follow the status quo. They think bigger, uncover hidden talent and build teams that bend when others break. 

RSVP and join your peers to learn how today's brightest minds are closing the technology skills gap. You'll also have the opportunity to network with Pluralsight pros and learn from the experts on how you can apply Pluralsight to your business strategy. 

Nate Walkingshaw
Nate Walkingshaw
Nate Walkingshaw
Chief Experience Officer
Most widely know for his keen product development methodologies, Nate is obsessed with how products are built and the teamwork it takes to build them. As CXO, Nate has crafted an organization that is centered on user experience, and also created collaborative teams including: product managers, UX designers, analysts, and persona researchers.
Gilbert Lee
Gilbert Lee
Gilbert Lee
Chief Product Officer
As the Chief Product Officer at Pluralsight, Gil works inside the Experience organization and leads a group of product managers, designers, analysts, and researchers.

This is an invite-only event. Space is limited, so register now to request your spot! To be considered, please ensure you register using your business email address. 

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