How to get started as an open source contributor

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Calendar icon Jun 10, 2021
Clock icon 1:00 PM EDT-2:00 PM EDT
Globe icon All Regions

What you'll learn

The open source space is consistently improving, with a growing number of initiatives and projects built in the open. As the community continues to engage and advocate for new contributors, it can often be overwhelming and intimidating to know where to start.

Join expert Gift Egwuenu for a discussion on the importance of open source as well as how you can get started as a contributor, including: 

  • How to make your first open source contribution

  • Ways to overcome awkwardness and conflict in the open source process

  • Tips for finding and making meaningful contributions to the projects you love 

  • And more!

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The Host

Gift Egwuenu

Gift is a frontend engineer at Passionate People and a content creator based in Haarlem, Netherlands. She is passionate about making the web accessible to everyone and is a vocal advocate for building open source software and developer communities.