This challenge has ended.

Welcome to the Pluralsight Skill UP Learning Challenge!

See how Pluralsight and the Skill IQ feature can help you: 

  • Streamline and simplify your learning
  • Maximize and efficiently use your Power Up and upskilling time
  • Develop or learn a skill quickly for your mission critical work

Register now using your Ford email address, Click SUBMIT, and then check your email for additional instructions!

Here's how the challenge works:

1. Register for the challenge
Enter you information on the landing page (using your Ford email address), click Submit and
then follow the instructions sent to your email to join the Pluralsight Channel

2. Complete a Skill IQ assessment
Choose a skill from our Top Skills List or from the nearly 500 other Skill IQs on Pluralsight
(you need to wait 21 days before you can retake the Skill IQ;
complete your initial Skill IQ by November 4th so you have enough time).

3. Receive a custom learning plan based on your Skill IQ results
Using Artificial Intelligence, the system creates a custom learning plan for you that helps you avoid 
wasting time on topics which you are already skilled on and focuses on areas of improvement and gaps.

4. Complete at least one course within the suggested learning Path
Efficiently use your Power Up/upskilling time by completing the focused learning content in your custom
generated plan to close your gaps. A couple of hours of focused learning time over a few weeks can really make an impact

5. Retake the Skill IQ assessment before the end of the Challenge (November 30th).
See your progress as your Skill IQ rating increases. 

This challenge runs until November 30th and will only require approximately 4-8 hours of your time.

Complete the challenge and receive a Skill UP Challenge Badge



- Using Skill IQs can save you up to 1.5 hours of learning time per week
 - Most users reported using Pluralsight at least once a month – many reported using it once a week


Here is what some of your Ford team members are saying about Pluralsight:

"The knowledge I gained let me tackle two very large projects from a completely different angle and saved me time, plus it made it more interesting to try things a new way."

“I have learned about Jenkins tool via Pluralsight and now, I'm currently using that tool in work regularly. Pluralsight helped me in learning things and to focus on self growth.”

“I have used Pluralsight to learn about APIs that has helped me in my role.”