Technology skills development - become a creator of talent, not just a consumer of talent

In the digital age, technology teams are only as successful as their skills are relevant. Companies are under pressure to become more agile, transition to and lead in a cloud-first world, protect against rising security threats and continuously deliver innovations to market.

As technology continues to increase in complexity, demand increases for skill sets that simply did not exist ten years or even ten months ago. There is an ever increasing tech skills gap across all industries and, because of the shortage of available talent, companies have come to understand that success needs to come from within and develop the right talent strategies in order  to become creators of talent.

Join us at Pluralsight Connect where you will learn how Pluralsight gives Tech and Talent Leaders the ability to create skill development programmes that align to business objectives.

Pluralsight Connect is a series of in-person and virtual events that gives you the opportunity to decide where, when and how you would like to attend. Meet us at the in-person Connect events in London, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Cologne or Paris. 

Or join the sessions of EMEA Connect Virtual on topics like Cloud, Professional Services, Digital Transformation and more.