Developer Success Lab

Engineering managers on the frontline of transformation

What you'll learn

Cat Hicks, PhD and the Developer Success Lab researchers have a conversation with Shay McDonough, Engineering Manager at ClearCompany, and Bedford West, CTO and Co-Founder at Cultiveit,  about common challenges and success stories in transforming the teams they manage.

In our last Developer Success Summit, we discussed the Developer Success Lab’s findings and corresponding recommendations from their study, Developer Thriving: the four factors that drive Software Developer Productivity across industries.

This time, we’re taking an even more applied approach. In this Developer Success Summit, you’ll learn:

  • Best practices for implementing transformational changes that create high-performing engineering teams 

  • Actionable examples and stories about translating and advocating for engineering work within an organization

  • The two kinds of visibility engineering leaders should care about, and why visibility is a powerful way to increase team performance, code quality, and ultimately, profitability

We’ll also touch on other challenges engineering managers are facing as they serve as the “frontline” of engineering transformation, and how healthy measurement can help. 

Check out our second white paper in our three-part Developer Thriving series on how visibility leads to higher performing teams and better business outcomes.  To recap some of what was covered in the first summit, download our first white paper on the Developer Thriving framework here

Event details

Calendar icon Jun 09, 2023
Clock icon 1 hour
Globe icon All Regions