Pluralsight Flow
Delivery Module

Make lasting improvements to your workflow with insights from your Jira and Azure DevOps data.

Pluralsight Flow Delivery Modules

Remove the roadblocks slowing
your team down

Excessive questions, task switching and the need to reassign or push back tickets break your workflow and keeps your engineering team from doing what they do best—delivering value to your customers. Flow’s delivery module goes beyond Jira and Azure DevOps data to give you visibility into what’s happening within your user stories, tasks and bugs. It helps you better understand how your team is working and make lasting improvements to your workflow. 

Identify problems
as they arise

Give your team their precious time back by reducing behaviors that pull them away from development. With the ticket log, you’ll see the tickets that are slowing your team down, so you can quickly pinpoint when there’s a breakdown in process due to excessive handoffs or unclear requirements.

Ticket log report

Quickly move work through your workflow

Don’t let work stall. See why tickets aren’t progressing by identifying common causes like large queue times, technical roadblocks or long-running tickets—so you can reduce the amount of time your work spends in non-value-added states.

Queue Time Report

Get more out of retrospectives
with the right data

Retrospectives are a great opportunity to improve the development process. But without the right data to drive the conversation, teams can make suggestions with little impact on delivered value. The retrospective report allows you to dig into the data behind your KPIs, so you can see detailed metrics on ticket type, status changes and comments—and understand why work gets stuck. 

Cycle Time report

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