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Technology changes quickly, making it difficult for businesses to keep their strategy and skills a step ahead

To stay competitive, leaders need a way to align skill development to their top initiatives. With priorities, you can connect the dots between the skills you have today, the skills you need, and the progress your teams are making—all in one place. 

Create transparency
from the top down

When creating a priority, you’ll highlight the business goals you’re working toward, giving your technologists context on what skills they need to help achieve business objectives—so everyone can work toward the same goals at the same time.

Create transparenct

Get ready faster

In priorities, you’ll find curated templates populated with content and skill assessments aligned to some of the most common projects tech teams are tasked with like modernizing infrastructure or improving security posture. These templates ensure you don’t waste time building a skill development plan from scratch and your team can get started faster.

Get ready faster

Have confidence your
teams can deliver

With skill assessments baked into priorities, your teams can objectively measure skills at the beginning and reassess throughout their skill development. Insight into how skills are progressing over time allows you to iterate on your program to address gaps and ensure your team’s skills are ready for key initiatives.

Have confidence

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