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The Google Africa Developer Scholarship Program

Growing tech skills across Africa

Grow with Google, Andela and Pluralsight have partnered to provide a yearly program to support software developers in Africa on Android, Google Cloud and Mobile Web skills development tracks. The aim of this program is to continuously engage with aspiring and existing developers to help them become professional developers with skills that can get them opportunities after the program concludes.

The Google Africa Developer Scholarship (GADS) program gives users in African nations free access to Pluralsight course content plus support from the Andela Learning Community in one of three chosen skills development tracks. After completing their desired track, users may be eligible to receive a Google certification grant.

In 2019, this program had over 120K users register for the program and begin learning. This was eventually narrowed down to the top 1000 users across the three tracks, and they were eligible to receive a certification voucher. 

Starting in 2020, the program also included the opportunity for users to create community projects with assistance from Andela mentors and leaders. These projects covered education, health, e-commerce, fintech and remote work. This program continues to grow and help more Africans skill up and get certified in in-demand tech skills.




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