pluralsight and google cloud

powering cloud skills at scale

Together, Google Cloud and Pluralsight empower companies to develop critical cloud skills, unlock the possibilities of hybrid and multi-cloud computing and take control of their digital transformation.

Skill up in your Google Cloud role

It starts with seeing where your skills stand today. To begin assessing your team’s skills have your employees get their Skill IQ, created in collaboration with Google Cloud. In minutes, you’ll know where strengths and weaknesses lie, and what they need to work on to keep improving.

Your skill IQ not only gives you a place to begin, but also assesses Google Cloud certification readiness. 

google cloud learning paths

Content has been organized into convenient paths to guide your learning and help you know which courses to take in which order. 

google cloud courses

All of these courses have been authored by Google Cloud, and each one is integrated with free access to Qwiklabs. These hands-on labs are online learning environments along with a set of instructions that walk you through a live, real world, and scenario-based use case. In a lab you have access to the actual environment you want to learn about, not a simulation or demo environment.

  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Engineering
  • Application Development