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Breaking News: Vulnerabilities, Exploits and Breaches

  • Number of Courses5 courses
  • Duration2 hours

Keeping up with the continuous cyber threats and events is tough!

In this path, we will cover critical, new vulnerabilities and exploits discovered - what they are, how to identify them in your environment and what risks are of concern to cybersecurity professionals.

Courses in this path

Apache Commons Text RCE

Learn about the Apache Commons Text vulnerability - what it is, why it's so widespread, as well as how to detect and mitigate in your environment.

Critical Common Vulnerabilities, and Exposures

This section contains labs that cover the Emulation, Detection and options for Protection of applications, services and software that has had a recent critical vulnerability with proof-of-concept exploitation released. This are vulnerabilities with the widest impact across all industries, and the information learned is focused on explaining exactly what you can do to protect your organization, and how to test those protections and detections.

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