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Individual Subscription FAQs

Have questions about Pluralsight? We have answers. Check out some of the most popular questions people ask before purchasing an individual subscription.


What makes Pluralsight different?

It might seem like you have a lot of choices when it comes to resources that can improve your skills. But with how quickly technology is evolving, you can end up wasting a lot of time (and money) using the wrong tools.

Wonder how Pluralsight compares to instructor-led training, online learning providers or free resources? Check out our quick comparison guide to learn more about how our technology skills platform compares in areas like experience, content, price, progress and impact.

See the comparison:

How do the five free weekly courses work?

We want you to take our courses for a spin, so you can see how they’ll help you build skills in record time. We have thousands of courses in our platform, but five are free every week and cover critical topics like DevOps, software development, security, data and more.

Courses change weekly so you can access new, free content every week.
See the courses:

What skills can I build with Pluralsight?

There are a lot of platform experiences on Pluralsight that help you build skills in different ways. But, the best way to understand the Pluralsight course library is to take a look at our content.

We have thousands of expert-led courses in top technologies and more are added daily: 

  • Software development, including JavaScript, Python, Android, HTML, Ruby, .NET and JQuery.
  • IT ops, including Windows Server, Docker, Oracle, Cisco, Linux, VMware, CompTIA, MCSE and SharePoint.
  • Security, including security auditing, penetration testing and digital forensics.
  • Business professional, including leadership, project management and Microsoft Office.
  • Data professional, including SQL, Hadoop, MongoDB and Tableau.
  • Creative professional, including Unity, Maya, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere.

With thousands of courses in hundreds of trending tech topics, you’re sure to find what’s most important to you and your career.

Who authors Pluralsight content?

Our authors are expert practitioners with years of real-world professional experience in their fields. On average, we accept less than ten percent of applicants who apply to join our author network. They are selected both on their expertise and teaching ability.

During the course production process there are two explicit reviews: a review of audio and video quality, and a peer review performed by a trusted Pluralsight author. Peer reviewers use Pluralsight’s Course Expectations and Instructional Design Guidelines, along with their own experience and expertise as the basis for their feedback.

Our content is designed to keep you up-to-date on all the current technologies and frameworks you need. Keep an eye on our Technology Index to see in-demand technologies and must-have languages and skills.

How does Pluralsight help with certifications?

We don’t offer certification exams at Pluralsight, but we do help you prepare for them.

Paths and Kaplan practice exams are available for many industry certifications, such as CompTIA, PMP, Cisco, ITIL, PRINCE2, MCSA, VMware and Microsoft. Please click here and click Certifications to view available paths and practice exams.

How does the Pluralsight platform help me benchmark my skills and save time learning?

Don’t just guess where your skill stand, prove it with Skill IQ and Role IQ. Both are totally free and help you benchmark skills so you can identify gaps and build skills in the right order.

What’s the difference between Skill IQ and Role IQ?

Skill IQ shows you how your skills stack up in just five minutes and 20 questions. Your results will tell you how you compare to your peers, what you’re great at and where your knowledge gaps are.

Try it now

Role IQ shows you how you stack up in a role, like “Angular Developer.” You measure all the skills relevant to your role to determine whether you’re a Level 1, 2 or 3—and then see which skills to focus on to further your career.

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Paths, Channels, Projects and Interactive Courses

In addition to Role IQ and Skill IQ, Pluralsight offers experiences that allow you to practice in real time, with personalized feedback—which can get you mastering skills fast. Some of our top technologies are now available as Projects and Interactive courses.

We also offer paths and channels to organize the learning journey.

These platform experiences all work together to help you save time learning and allow you to build the right skills, in the right order with quick and direct feedback.

Additionally, many of our courses have transcripts and closed captioning available.

What’s the difference between a Standard and Premium individual subscription?

With Standard annual or monthly subscription:

  • Access to our core library featuring 2,500+ of our most popular video courses, channels, Skill IQ, Role IQ, course discussions, exercise files, mobile and TV apps and offline viewing.

With Premium annual or monthly subscription:

Access everything included in the Standard annual or monthly subscription, plus:

  • Access to our expanded 7,000+ course library 

  • Unlimited certification practice exams: Save big with unlimited access to industry-leading practice tests for Microsoft, CompTIA and more—so you can get ready to tackle the real thing with confidence. More about practice exams:

Popular Certification Practice Exams:

CompTIA A+

CompTIA Security+





MCSA: Windows Server

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