Simplify your project builds with Docker

By Elton Stoneman

Docker containers give you a consistent way to package and run your applications, but they can also power up your software builds. Join Pluralsight author and Docker Captain Elton Stoneman to learn how to compile apps inside containers—making Docker your build server and ditching the need to install any SDKs or runtimes to build and run your app from source. 
We'll cover how to:

  • Leverage multi-stage Dockerfiles
  • Build distributed apps using Docker Compose
  • Plug your software builds into a managed CI service with GitHub Actions
  • And more!

About the author

Elton is a Pluralsight Author, Microsoft MVP and Docker Captain. He’s been architecting and delivering successful solutions with Microsoft technologies since 2000, most recently Big Data and API implementations in Azure, and distributed applications with Docker and Kubernetes.

Currently, Elton is interested in the evolution of the Microsoft stack, exploring the great opportunities to modernize existing .NET Framework apps with Docker, and running them alongside new .NET Core apps in Windows and Linux containers in Kubernetes.

Elton is a regular presenter and workshop host at conferences. He’s been fortunate to speak at DockerCon, NDC, DevSum, Techorama, SDD, Container Camp and Future Decoded. You'll often see him at user groups too—Docker London, London DevOps and WinOps are his locals.

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